HUUMS Spring Retreat 2017


Taking a break from the Spring Semester to reconnect with nature


Feeling the HUUMS love! 

HUUMS 2016 Spring Retreat


Using art to share the Rivers of our lives


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Our wonderful retreat crew!IMG_0509


Cora does some journaling out in nature


It was a weekend full of music and laughter


Recuperating from the New England winter


Doing tarot reading in the sunshine

Our Covenant

The HUUMS community affirmed at their 2013 annual meeting thr following covneant:
We, the members of HUUMS, covenant to work together to create a more loving and just world around us. Grounded in the living tradition of Unitarian Universalism, we covenant to welcome difference among each other, work patiently through challenges that face us, support each other in heartache, share in each other’s joy, and comfort each other in ambiguity. May we strive to extend these hallmarks of our membership to the larger HDS community and the world at large. Let our faith be expressed through our actions as well as our words.