Unitarian Universalist Courses for Fall 2009

Hey HUUMSers,

I know I sent this information out on the listserv a few days ago, but as it’s still shopping period, and as I’m sure not everyone has seen this information, I thought I’d make it available here. Below is a list of courses specifically geared towards Unitarian Universalism.

Each course helps to satisfy both distribution requirements for the MDiv degree AND some of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s requirements for Ministerial Fellowship.


Professor Dan McKanan
Unitarian and Universalist Thought in the Nineteenth Century (Fall 2009)
HDS 2770
Thursdays 1-3, Divinity Hall, Room 213

This seminar will explore the intellectual shapers of the Unitarian and Universalist traditions in the nineteenth century, with special attention to the founders and formative theologians of each tradition, the challenges of Transcendentalism and Spiritualism, and the interactions of Unitarianism and Universalism with broader currents of religious liberalism in the United States. Male and female, lay and ordained, elite and popular thinkers will all be represented. Featured writers may include John Murray, Judith Sargent Murray, Hosea Ballou, Joseph Priestley, William Ellery Channing, Andrews Norton, Hannah Adams, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Theodore Parker, Lydia Maria Child, Adin Ballou, James Freeman Clarke, Lucy Stone, Francis E. Abbot, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, and Celia Parker Woolley.

Rev. John Buehrens
Unitarian Universalist Polity and Practices (Fall 2009)
HDS 2990
Fridays 2-4, Rockefeller Hall, Room 116

Designed for students preparing for ministerial fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association, this seminar will consider issues in the practice of ministry in the UUA as well as issues created by congregational polity and by the denominations institutional history, structure, and current practices. UU practices in the areas of worship, rites of passage, ministerial search and settlement, ministerial finances, ethics, social justice, and growth strategies will all be discussed. In addition to common readings many drawn from the required reading list of the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee plus attendance at weekly 2 hour seminar meetings, some with distinguished guests, each student will be asked to develop, in consultation with the instructor, an individual project or study, reflected in a course paper, exploring a specific topic in UU polity or ministerial practice. Interviews with UU ministers about topics in ministerial practice will be encouraged, along with reflection upon and articulation of individual theological positions in relation to professional practice.

Rev. Gary Smith
Liturgy and Preaching in the Unitarian Universalist and Free Church Traditions: Seminar (Fall 2009)
HDS 2908
Mondays 1-3, Divinity Hall, Chapel

This will be an introduction to the practical art of preaching in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. Participants can expect to begin the process of finding their own voices in their preaching and worship leadership, all in the context of supportive peers. A discussion of liturgy and prayer will be included.

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