Greetings from your 2011 HUUMS Board!

Hello, dear readers! It’s 2011, and as they say, it’s out with the old and in with the new. For HUUMS, that means a new leadership Board for the Harvard Divinity School Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students.

At our first worship of the 2011 year, we honored our outgoing Board with flowers and gratitude. Ally, Erik, Jennifer, Linda, Rebecca, and Bucky, thank you for all of your hard work in 2010!

And now, we’d like to introduce our 2011 HUUMS Board!

From left to right we have Kat Milligan (Worship), Kim Luck (District Liaison), Dave Ruffin (Social Outreach), Linda Simmons (President, formerly InReach/OutReach), Lee Paczulla (Programming), Darcy Roake (Stewardship), and Catie Scudera (me, Communications).

We’ll be updating the website over the next couple of weeks with new contact information and new information in general. (Be especially watchful for announcements about the HUUMS Annual Retreat, Lifelong Formation: Spiritual and Professional Development as Unitarian Universalist Leaders, scheduled for March 25th-27th!) Keep an eye out for it all!

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