Membership Book Signing and a Great Retreat!

We at HUUMS have had a busy last month since our last blog post! Today, I want to highlight a couple of big events: our Membership worship service and our Annual Retreat.

But first, I want to have a shout-out to all visitors to the HUUMS website who are accepted Harvard Divinity School students for the MTS class of 2013 and MDiv class of 2014! Congratulations and welcome! HUUMS Board members are excited to meet you in the next couple of days during the accepted students’ activities. If you’re planning to visit HDS not during the “official” visiting days, or if you have questions or concerns about the UU seminarian experience at HDS, please feel free to contact any of us Board members by e-mail (see our About page).

Now, onto our recent great events!

First, in late February we held a beautiful ceremony where all who wished it signed our Membership Book and gave financial dues to support the work of the Harvard Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students.


Membership Book Signing Ceremony
Stewardship worship service with signing the Membership Book


Second, last weekend we had our beautiful, two-day long Annual Boston Seminarians Retreat! This year’s theme was Lifelong Formation, and we explored the various ways our calls to ministry may manifest as we grow into them. We had over twenty participants throughout the weekend from schools throughout the BTI. It was an incredible time to worship, learn, and have fun together. Check out a few photos below!

After Saturday lunch, we all got together for a classy group photograph in the sunniest room of our retreat house at Mount St. Mary’s in Wrentham. This photograph also includes most of our guest speakers (all Reverends): Vera O’Brien, Pamela Barz, Clyde Grubbs, Katie Crane, Sarah Lammert, and David Pettee. (It’s up to you to try and locate them in the photo, but the names are from left to right if that helps 🙂 ) As you can see, we had quite a turnout!


2011 Retreat Group
Many of the Retreat participants, as well as some of our speakers!


But listening to, learning from, and talking with our speakers wasn’t all we did on our retreat weekend. We also had worship…


Retreat Worship 2011
Our opening worship at the Retreat


… we ate delicious food in fellowship, both homemade and store-bought…


Food Fellowship on Retreat 2011

Rebecca Froom and Dave Ruffin enjoy a dairy-free dessert together


… and, of course, we had relaxing evenings of fun, games, and conversation!


"Celebrity," Retreat 2011
Kim Luck tries her hand at “Celebrity,” a Retreat classic game!


We look forward to having another fabulous Annual Retreat in March 2012! See you there!

One thought on “Membership Book Signing and a Great Retreat!

  1. Hallow the unitarian universalist members ,i am a member of your congregation in kenya i would like to sign the membership book and among the members ,

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