Goodbye Graduates, Hello Summer.

HUUMS said “goodbye” to our graduating Unitarian Universalist classmates and to the school year in style. In late April, we had a beautiful worship service to honor and send-off our graduates.

HUUMS Graduation Service 2011

Darcy Roake leads a team of HUUMS members and friends in honoring Jacob Krueger

Afterwards, we had a lovely fellowship cook-out and enjoyed one of the first nice, sunny days of spring.

We also had two other successful events during Harvard’s finals period. The Reverend Nate Walker gave a fantastic presentation for his Honoring Ministry event to an enthusiastic crowd of HUUMS members and friends. Just this past week, a few HUUMSers embarked on an adventure into downtown Boston, during which we took our own Walking Tour. (See our Walking Tour page for more information.)

All in all, we’ve had a strong conclusion to the academic year. Now that the school is on summer break, HUUMS more or less is as well. Please check our website again in August for a review of UU-related classes and updates on September HUUMS events. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

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