Don’t forget Servetus’s birthday tomorrow!

Wow, we’ve had quick a kickoff to the 2011-2012 school year! Our Noon Service was well attended and well received, and we’ve had fantastic Friday worships all month. We hope to see you at Friday worship sometime soon!

As we announced in our last blog post, we’re celebrating Spanish Unitarian theologian and physician Michael Servetus’s 500th birthday tomorrow, September 27th, at 7 pm in ANDOVER CHAPEL of Harvard Divinity School. (Last I announced it was in the Braun Room–that is not true! Andover Chapel, just like Friday worship!) This event will feature a dramatic reading of Servetus’s life, a panel discussion on his legacy (featuring Reverend Lilia Cuervo, Professor Dan McKanan, and filmmaker Ron Cordes), and a screening of Part I of the yet-unreleased film Long Strange Trip: 2000 Years of UU History. Plus, a reception with food and drink will follow.

You can also check out our totally sweet poster for the event. See you tomorrow night!

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