HUUMS Occupies Boston

HUUMS has had a whirlwind of a start to the year, and you’ll read more about our recent events soon. This is just a quick post to let all you readers out there know that HUUMS has been involved with Occupy Boston through its Spirituality Tent and our own project, the “HUUMS Tea Party,” which offers hot tea and conversation to our sisters and brothers who are camping in Dewey Square. We are in solidarity with those at the nation-wide Occupy protests who dream of a more equitable and representative U.S. government and society.

HUUMS at Occupy Boston

Erik Resly, Allison Palm, and Celie Katovitch are set to distribute tea at Dewey Square

If you’re interested in joining HUUMS on trips to Occupy Boston, please contact Erik Resly at eresly *at* gmail *dot* com.

Check back here next week for information on HUUMS’s support of immigration reform and for photos and a video from our successful Servetus birthday event. I also want to make sure I point out that our Google Calendar is freshly updated with our great upcoming events, an MFC discussion from two fellowshipped seminarians on October 17th and a memorial forum in honor of Professor Conrad Wright on October 26th. See you soon!

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