Servetus’s Birthday, A Night of Remembrance and Performance

Our first big event of the year–honoring Michael Servetus (Miguel Serveto) on his 500th birthday–was a big success! Members of HUUMS (Dave Ruffin as Servetus, Celie Katovitch as Calvin, Linda Simmons as Servetus’s mother, and Schuyler Vogel as narrator) put on an amazing dramatic reading of Servetus’s life…



… We heard testimonials from those who have been inspired by Servetus’s story…


Servetus Panel

Our panel: Professor Dan McKanan (left), Reverend Lilia Cuervo, and filmmaker Ron Cordes.


… and we got a sneak preview of Ron Cordes’s epic film, Long Strange Trip: 2000 Years of UU History. We only saw Part 1, but we’re excited for him to finish the five- or six-part long series.

All in all, it was an incredible night. For those of you able to make it, thank you for coming!

We hope to see you all at another HUUMS event soon!

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