Annual Meeting Upcoming, and Great Social Justice News

Good evening, dear friends of HUUMS! The calendar year is coming to a close, and thus so is the current Board’s time of service. This means that we’ll be having our Annual Meeting of Board elections and bylaw revisions on December 9th, directly following worship and fellowship in Andover Chapel. That’s just under two weeks away! All members and friends of HUUMS are invited to come to the Annual Meeting.

On December 9th, we will be electing separately our next HUUMS President and the rest of the HUUMS Board. Currently, the following HUUMS members are running in this year’s election:

For President: Celie Katovitch (MDiv II)

For the Board: Sarah Lord (MDiv I), Seth Robinson (MDiv I), Dave Ruffin (MDiv II), Schuyler Vogel (MDiv I), and Kenny Wiley (MDiv I)

If you’d like to see the 2011 Board’s recommended changes to the bylaws, you can download a .pdf copy of the proposed changes here:

Recommended Bylaw Changes (December 2011)

And now, for our social justice news! We’ve been learning a lot about immigration justice work this semester, especially by inviting Reverend Wendy von Zirpolo to campus and by participating in two events with the Boston New Sanctuary Movement and the Student Immigrant Movement. We received word from the Student Immigrant Movement that two young men, Vini and Denis, who were at risk of being deported have had their ICE cases dropped–they’ll be able to stay in the United States and finish their college degrees! We met Denis and Vini at the vigil at the Suffolk County House of Correction (as per our last blog post) and at a rally in front of City Hall that specifically showed support for these young men to stay in the U.S. HUUMS is overjoyed for Vini and Denis, and we are honored to be part of their work toward immigration justice.

Please stay tuned for the results of our Annual Meeting! We look forward to seeing you December 9th!

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