HUUMS Retreat A Success!

A few weeks ago, HUUMS and other seminarians from around Boston gathered in Cape Cod for a time of reflection, fellowship and fun. We participated in workshops led by Peter Bowden and Rev. Amy Freedman and in the UUA program Gathered Here, led by Clara Barton District President Justine Sullivan. In addition, we enjoyed dinners together, celebrated two birthdays and overall just had a good time. Special thanks to all those who helped make it happen!


2 thoughts on “HUUMS Retreat A Success!

  1. Lovely to see a picture of you all – I must say you all appear wonderfully young. We’re excited here in Britain that SEVEN candidates are beginning Unitarian ministry or lay pastor training this autumn in Manchester or Oxford (that’s a lot for us). It would be wonderful if we could be in contact in some way. Matthew F. Smith

  2. Hey, thanks for saying hello! Great to hear about so many Unitarian seminarians and it would be great to be contact in some way. Do you have anything specific in mind? If you ever find your way to New England, please let us know, we’d love to play host and show you around.

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