The BAUUS Retreat: A Retrospective

We arrived in Franklin Massphoto-4

Down dark snowy roads

Our cars bearing food and faith

And other weighty loads.

The abbey waited calmly

There stirred scarcely a flake

Though the blizzard on Friday

Had made the HUUMS Board shake.

photo-9Once there we sprang into action

As we had long planned.

We cooked, cleaned, and scrubbed

And we all lent a hand.

It was a sort of spiritual practice

And wouldn’t you know

Some of us (see  Sean in the pic)

Took on a saintly glow.

And sometimes we simply did thingsphoto-12

That were really quite absurd

Of this all one can say

Is that pictures speak louder than words.





We worshipped morning and eveningphoto-5

For which Seth set the stage

We contemplated the future of our movement

To take the next step– turn the page.

And of course our day-long workshop

Which made us come alive

Ou r small groups taught us much

And brought tears to our eyes.


We all were soon good friends,photo-1

comrades and colleagues,

And kept our energy levels up

When threatened with fatigue.

We learned a very  great deal

About small group ministry

For which we all are grateful

To M’ellen Kennedy!

photo-3We were certainly sorry to go

And might have wished to stay

We hope you all will think of  us

When  you are away.

And remember now this thought

With a dose of good cheer:

If you didn’t make it this time,

There’s always next year!

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