The 2010 HUUMS Board

Greetings All! Welcome to the website for the Harvard Divinity School Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students (HUUMS). HUUMS is a community of students enrolled at Harvard Divinity School (HDS) as well as members schools of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI). We are a community of students, for students and by students. Our mission is to support one another in our studies, vocations, and lives through worship, professional and spiritual development opportunities, and fellowship. We strive to authentically represent the interests and needs of Unitarian Universalist students at HDS. We also seek to advocate for an academic environment at HDS that fosters excellence in Unitarian Universalist scholarship and ministry.

Regardless of faith affiliation, we welcome and encourage students and members of our community, both visiting and local, to join us in worship and fellowship! Our weekly worship is held on Fridays at noon in Divinity Chapel in Divinity Hall, and is followed by fellowship lunch at 1:00 p.m. in the Rock Café in Rockefeller Hall .

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Contact Information

Please direct questions or comments to the HUUMS Board at hdsuums@gmail.com.


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Meet our 2014 board members:

Co-President: Johanna Murphy

Jo Murphy Co-President


I am an aspiring Unitarian Universalist minister who currently has taken up the role of C0-President  for the Harvard Unitarian Universalist Ministry Board, and as the Pastoral Point Person. As the Director of Religious Exploration at the Theodore Parker Church, in West Roxbury, I divide my time between writing curriculum, papers, baking, art activism, and attempting to instigate justice wherever there is a need.

Sean Neil-Barron

Sean Neil-Barron, Co-President

Co-President: Sean Neil-Barron
Contact: seanbarron@gmail.com
I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Treaty 7) and grew up without a faith background. I found the  Unitarian Church of Calgary, where I first became a member, when I was 16, and was involved in youth ministry both at the Calgary congregation and through the Canadian Unitarian Council. Coming out as queer in High School I was active in promoting for LGBTQ+ acceptance and understanding.  Moving to Ottawa to attend University I was involved in indigenous and Palestinian solidarity work as well as organizing an interfaith intentional community. After graduating with a B.A. from Saint Paul University in 2008 I accepted  an offer of admission to the Masters of Divinity Program at HDS. I am intrigued by the idea of doing church differently, and that doesn’t mean just shifting the style of music we sing. Along with sharing the role of Co-President I am HUUMS Formation Point Person, aimed to helping members navigate the process of becoming an  UU minister in all its varied forms.
Sarah Guzy

Sarah, Social Coordinator and Walking Tours

Social Coordinator/ Walking Tours: Sarah Guzy 
Contact: seg801@mail.harvard.edu

I’m from Evanston, IL, and grew up attending the Unitarian Church of Evanston. I graduated from Kalamazoo College in 2010 with a degree in Art History and Religion, and worked with international students, both in the U.S. and in Costa Rica, before coming to HDS. I’m in my first year of the Masters of Theological Studies program, studying gender, sexuality, and religion, and I’m interested in religious material culture and lived experience. I like craft beer, helicopters, small towns, the United States Postal Service, and fireplaces. I look forward to serving on the HUUMS board!

Steward: Erica Rose Long

Contact: erl844@mail.harvard.edu

Erica Long, Steward

Erica Long, Steward

I am a life-long Unitarian Universalist from Augusta, Maine.  Like many other UU’s from New England, I spent my summers frolicking in the chilly waves at Ferry Beach and trying to find ways to answer my classmates’ ever confounding question, “What is Unitarian Universalism?”  In college I developed an interest in ministry through my work with the Bates College Multifaith Chaplaincy.  After college,  I was honored to intern with the Johnson Intern Program, an organization that offered me the  unique opportunity to learn more about social justice through living in intentional community, taking courses in Servant Leadership, and working at a halfway house for women recovering from substance abuse and addiction in Chapel Hill, NC. All of these experiences have led me to the MDiv program at Harvard and this exciting opportunity to be a HUUMS board member!  Along with the warm community I have found here, my first year has been enriched by my work as the Children’s Religious Education Assistant at Arlington Street Church in Boston.

Communications : Joshua Leach

Joshua Leach, Communications

Joshua Leach, Communications

Contact: jfl712@mail.harvard.edu

Hey everybody!  I can’t wait to work with HUUMS this year as the communications coordinator. I am a second-year MDiv, a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who grew up in Texas and Florida.  I recently graduated from the University of Chicago, and am passionate about human rights, social justice, and other less noble things.  In college I interned with the Midwest office of Amnesty International and served for two years as volunteer coordinator of the Amnesty student groups in Illinois.  My real love however is for reading, writing, and having long conversations with friends about the “big questions.”  After having it drilled into me in college that “ideas have consequences,” I’m loving having my own ideas questioned in Div school and by fellow HUUMS-ers.  I hope that by the end of my time in HUUMS I can give a short and satisfactory answer to that all-time stumper: “What is a Unitarian Universalist?”

Worship Coordinator: Natalie Malter

Contact: malter.natalie@gmail.com


Natalie Malter, Worship

Hi, everyone!  I’m from Portland, Oregon where I grew up attending the First Unitarian Church of Portland.  While in undergrad at Occidental College in Los Angeles, I majored in Religious Studies and first began to discern a call to Unitarian Universalist ministry.  I’m currently a first year MDiv at HDS, and I am enjoying being a part of this amazing, new community full of wonderful people.  While at HDS, I’m excited to study the intersection of North American religious traditions and social justice movements and to learn about Unitarian Universalism in the historically rich city of Boston.  In my free time, I like to run, watch the Daily Show, and eat too much peanut butter.  As the Worship Coordinator for HUUMS, I’m looking forward to working with you to develop meaningful worship services and continue building this loving (and pun-filled) community.