HUUMS: The Journey Continues...

HUUMS: The Journey Continues…

Hello HUUMS Alumn*!

Welcome! We are always delighted to be in touch with former UU HDS grads and HUUMS members.

As a HUUMS alum* you are still part of the HUUMS community. We believe in the interdependent web, and that means we believe we are all caught up together in mutuality. We want to learn from those who have been where we are now, and start a conversation about the future of our movement. We know that after leaving HUUMS, our alumn* have lead diverse, challenging, and prophetic lives both in UU communities and beyond!


We’re hoping you want to know what’s going on at HDS and in the minds of our current class of HUUMS seminarians. We would love to hear about where your life has taken you.

We hope to use this page to spotlight HUUMS Alumn* that are doing great things in different communities, to highlight what current HUUMS students are up to, and to be a touchpoint for connecting with one another! See the list below for all the ways you can get involved!

How you can get involved:

  • Sign up for our Alumn* Newsletter
  • Fill out our Alumn* Survey
  • Support the Ministry of HUUMS by making a financial donation. Email for more info.
  • Worship with us, drop by Friday’s 12:00 in Emerson Chapel

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