The Harvard Divinity School Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students (HUUMS) gathers for weekly worship at noon on Fridays in Emerson Chapel, during the academic year. Worship is lead by HUUMS members, and varies in form from week to week as worship leaders blend readings, prayer, sermon, ritual, and song to create spaces of curiosity and possibility, reflection and reverence. Within this dynamic worship environment the liturgical elements of chalice lighting, greeting in fellowship and the lighting of candles for joys and concerns, hold us in community.

If you are interested in learning more about HUUMS worship or would like to sign up to lead a worship, please contact Natalie Malter at natalie_malter@mail.harvard.edu

* * *

In early May 2010, HUUMS members gathered for a commissioning service to thank and bless graduating students. Below are a number of pictures taken by Gary Langley of the worship: